Transformative Dialogue is our most popular training. This unique two-day training is about communication processes that combine restorative justice principles, mediation practices, and community development concepts. Participant learn to effectively address conflict and effective communication that builds a more cohesive team and increases efficiency.

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Transformative Dialogue

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Advanced Dialogue Facilitation

Conflict and inability to communicate well create significant hinderances to a productive workplace. This is a two-day advanced course builds on principles learned in Transformative Dialogue. Participants will learn to address a variety of conflicts and complex issues. These principles are effective in addressing conflict but also allow companies to increase impact within work teams through increased clarity in communication.

In this course, business will explore a unique model that is based on what we call a platform-based social enterprise. This course a wide range of opportunities to increase economic development in areas where resources are limited, equip managers in working with a marginalized population, understand and manage challenging employees, and increase impact of corporate social responsibility and/or philanthropic giving.

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Skill development

Skill Development was created for individuals that have completed the Transitional Dialogue, Advanced Dialogue Facilitation, and/or Restorative Justice Circles course and want more opportunity to practice skills learned. This is a six-week independent self-paced course done with partners.