Life in Between

Evidence of destruction is everywhere but so is evidence of new life. Isn’t that reality at times? Bad things happen. So much is wrong in our society today. It is almost daily that I see so much pain and conflict that I just want to throw up my hands in defeat.

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Cheryl MillerComment
Lines in the Sand

Laying on my back in a dune on Mustang Island, I pulled my hoodie up over my eyes to block the sun and provide some warmth. But in doing so, I no longer saw the vast ongoing gray water speckled with moving rolls of white as waves crashed on themselves. I realized that is not so uncommon in my day-to-day life. Most days, I see the world through my very limited reality filtered by distractions and perceptions. But other days I hear God whisper to me to sit up with eyes wide opened and see the abounding beauty around. 

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Cheryl Miller
Hidden Treasure and a Buckskin Dun

I have a friend. I met him in a prison in Texas while preparing for a face-to-face meeting with the son of the man he murdered. But it was not the details in the mediation that stood out in this particular meeting with the old man. He told me many stories of his life but the following story struck a chord in my heart. It was profound to hear the wisdom from this former death-row inmate and see how his insight beautifully highlights the need and power of reconciliation.

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