Quantum Circles Consulting and Training

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Victoria, TX 77904


Why Quantum Circles? The name came from a dream that the founder and owner Cheryl Miller had several years back. In her dream, God whispered for her to remember the words quantum, fluid, and circles. Upon waking, she began to attempt to discover the meaning of the dream. With the help of some much wiser friends and family with knowledge in the field of physics, she learned that there is something called quantum fluid circles.

Consider quantum fluids. These fluids are special fluids which exist only at very low temperature, near absolute zero, and which have undergone a phase transition. When these fluids are disturbed by turbulence, vortices occur. Unlike classical vortices, the strength and the core structure of these quantum vortices are fixed, and the flow which spins about the axis is a superflow; thus it does not decay because there it does not suffer viscous forces like an ordinary fluid. In simple terms, since there is no viscosity to these quantum fluids, they do not lose any energy as they flow. That is pretty spectacular.  How an object can move/flow without losing energy is somewhat mind-boggling.

The services offered through Quantum Circles Consulting and Training do not delve into the science of physics. However, the basis of quantum fluid circles is relevant to this work. The simple comparison is that the turbulence in our lives that would generally be considered harmful may not be. It may actually be the impetus that sets the new thing, like quantum fluids, into motion. And, that upward spiral to restoration and reconciliation will continue far into the future never losing energy.  Moving to a place where there will be no collapse or reverse or falling back.

That is what we want to see. Transforming disturbances in our communities into restoration through a change that is unstoppable.



Cheryl Miller began her journey of transformation many years earlier as a single mother on welfare seeking a better life for herself and her children. She started as an elementary school teacher. In 1999, she was hired as the executive director of Perpetual Help Home. Under her leadership, the home became a cutting edge model addressing homelessness, economic development, restoration and reconciliation. In December of 2017, Cheryl resigned from Perpetual Help Home to launch Quantum Circles Consulting and Training. The goal is to take lessons learned over the past two decades and help other communities implement these proven and effective models and practices.