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Rethink your views on change

Transform. reconcile. Impact.

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Quantum Circles Consulting and Training launched in January of 2018 to provide multiple courses to equip individuals and organizations to impact communities. Participants in our courses will gain understanding and tools that allows them to become facilitators of radical transformation. We also offer consultation services crafted with your specific needs in mind.

VIdeo highlight of the Powerlift course

Consulting Services

With almost two decades working in community development, mediation, restorative justice and the nonprofit sector, Cheryl Miller provides practical insights based on innovative and proven models. 

Reconciliation SErvices

Need help with conflict? Concerned about how to heal damaged relationships? Quantum Circles offered a variety of services to facilitate reconciliation and conflict resolution.

Words are inadequate to articulate my experience participating in this training held at my church. I was amazed to encounter such a safe place to share openly in such a short amount of time with so many that I was meeting for the first time. My emotions were triggered by what seemed to be such simple questions to reveal inner thoughts and reflections. It brought healing in areas that had either been hidden or not acknowledged. I welcome an opportunity to experience and learn to facilitate in this type of setting.
— Training Participant


We offer a variety of Courses and workshops designed to equip participants to impact communities, transform lives, and facilitate reconciliation.

This isn’t supposed to be my story. I should be in prison” BUT “Life is better than I ever would have planned it.
I own a business.
— PowerLift Graduate
One of the few conversations that I have participated in about the racial divide that had ‘value.’
— Circle Participant

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