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Rethink your views on change

Transform. reconcile. Impact.

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Make a difference. Join others in Closing the Gap in our polarized society.


The focus of Quantum Circles Consulting and Training is to equip individuals, leaders, community members, organizations, and businesses through training that will build stronger healthier communities.


Training opportunities for

Businesses and Professionals

Quantum Circles offers courses for business owners and professionals from two different perspectives.

  • One focus area is to provide training that will increase communication, particularly in the areas of conflict and complex issues. Our courses teach leaders and employees skills to communicate more effectively and in doing so, increase productivity and efficiency.

  • An additional focus is to provide businesses with innovative models in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

Local churches have become increasingly aware of the need to be a voice and change agent in our communities. Quantum Circles provides courses to equip pastors, lay leaders, and individuals in navigating complex issues in a way that is healing and productive. Participants in our training increase their ability to impact their communities. They also embark on a personal journey as a peacemaker and community transformation agent.

Training opportunities for

The Faith Community

Training opportunities focused on


The most significant barrier facing communities is our inability to communicate in a way that is productive and healthy. Quantum Circles provides training in basic communication skills, conflict resolution, and facilitation. We also offer training in Restorative Justice processes like Circles. The skills learned in these courses are relevant and impactful in every area of life and work.

For communities to thrive, all members must have opportunities and access to job and healthy living. Historically, our benevolent approaches have only provided a limited impact. Quantum Circles training is for individuals and organizations seeking to increase impact. We also teach innovative services to those on the margins to live healthy, autonomous lives as much as possible.

Training opportunities focused on

Economic and Community Development

What People Are Saying…

One of the few conversations that I have participated in about the racial divide that had ‘value.’
— Circle Participant
Words are inadequate to articulate my experience participating in this training held at my church. I was amazed to encounter such a safe place to share openly in such a short amount of time with so many that I was meeting for the first time. My emotions were triggered by what seemed to be such simple questions to reveal inner thoughts and reflections. It brought healing in areas that had either been hidden or not acknowledged. I welcome an opportunity to experience and learn to facilitate in this type of setting.
— Training Participant
“The information we learned at the Closing the Gap Retreat will enable us to be more effective leaders in our ministry! This knowledge should be required learning for anyone who leads teams!”
— Retreat Participant