Language of Shalom--$4,000 Total Cost ($1,000 Deposit Required)

Language of Shalom--$4,000 Total Cost ($1,000 Deposit Required)


The cost for this workshop is $4,000. To book a date, a minimum deposit of $1,000 is required.

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3-Day Training

The Language of Shalom is a unique communication process combining restorative justice principles, mediation practices, and biblical principles to teach individual how to effectively address reconciliation and restoration that can build healthier neighborhoods and communities. The training offers insight and practical application of the facilitative dialogue process that brings all stakeholders to the table to discuss conflict, issues or strategic planning. This process brings people together to learn how to understand each other better, build effective relationships beneficial in any social and/or work environment, and solve community problems.  This three-day training is highly interactive and includes the following topics: Introduction to restorative justice, Key principles of restorative justice, Neutral language, Positions vs. Interests, Creating a safe place, Understanding different models of restorative justice, Circle facilitation, and Continuum of transformation and