Quantum Circles
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Course categories

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Dialogue Courses

These courses are designed to equip individuals with skills and tools to facilitate dialogue in a variety of settings and situations.


Restorative Justice Courses

Restorative Justice courses include Basic Circle Facilitation and Advanced Circle Facilitation. Participants will learn to create opportunities to address conflicts, dialogue and team building.


Economic DEvelopment Courses

A lack of economic development opportunities is one of the most significant barrier to impacting communities. These courses introduce models to address these barriers.


Community DEvelopment courses

How do we truly impact communities? Traditional methods and models have proven ineffective. These courses offer insight into proven practices that impact and transform.

Courses for Businesses and professionals

Business leaders and professionals can gain benefit from a variety of courses that address internal conflict, methods that increase impact corporate giving and philanthropy.

Courses for the Faith Community

Leaders of the faith community are seeing an increase in conflicts and issues of our polarized society. These courses equip leaders with tools to navigate those complex issues.