Speaking Topics

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Language that connects

How do we use inclusive vs. exclusive language in the hope to create and build community.

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Hope for the hopeless

Often life forces us into hopeless situations. We have a choice. We can decide to seek hope in hopeless situations.


Surviving in a Wilderness

There are times God will lead us into the wilderness. These times are a hidden blessing that can lead us into greater revelation of God and ourselves.

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Time for Change

One of the most difficult times in our lives is when change is required. How we navigate that change is what matters.

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Dialogue that transforms

This is a modified shorter version of the course Transformative dialogue. Explore the power of restorative justice and mediation in a community development context.

Continuum of transformation

Life and change happens in patterns and cycles. Learn to process to bring about change and the rhythm of life that accompanies transformation.

New ideas

Addressing poverty requires innovation. Social enterprise, micro-lending, and developing innovative economic opportunities are increasingly necessary in community development

beyond overcoming

Cheryl’s personal testimony of going from a single homeless mother on welfare to Executive Director of a local non profit, then on to launching her own business.