Transformative Dialogue

This unique communication process combines restorative justice principles, mediation practices, and community development concepts. Individuals learn to effectively address reconciliation and restoration to build healthier neighborhoods and communities. Participants learn through the innovative hands-on practical applications of facilitative dialogue processes. Past participants saw significant impact in a variety of settings. A few examples:

  • Working with addiction

  • Working with ex-offenders

  • Healing in blended families

  • Community and neighborhood growth

Some of the topics, tools, and skills taught include:

  • Understanding basic communication and the power of nonverbal communication

  • Restorative justice concepts - creating safe place, understanding the impact of values, the necessity of direct voice, accountability and truth speaking, and critical element of identifying all stakeholders.

  • Tools from the field of mediation to include - understanding and practicing neutral language in appropriate settings, practice in reframing derogatory or highly emotive statements, learning and practicing the differences between positions people take and the true interests at the heart of conflict and polarization.

  • Breaking down and understanding the process of transformation.

16-hour course

Cost - $150 per person

participant limit - 20

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Deeper dialogue

Deeper Dialogue takes the concepts learned in Transformative Dialogue to a deeper level with two full days of interactive role plays, participant facilitation and skill development.

This course will empower leaders to address a variety of conflicts and complex issues. A few examples:

  • Conversations about position and role with LGBTQ community

  • Navigating politically polarized issues like immigration and DACA

  • Addressing internal conflict in work settings

Some of the topics, tools, and skills taught include:

  • Basic Circle facilitation

  • Conflict Circle facilitation

  • Understanding the impact of trauma and harm in the communication process

  • Arriving at consensus

  • Preparation techniques for high conflict or extremely polarized topics or groups

16-hour course

Cost - $150 per person

participant limit - 20

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16-hour course

Cost - $3,000

participant limit - unlimited

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Impact your community by creating a social enterprise that increases employability and job creation.

In this course, participants will learn how to create a multi-faceted social enterprise model that covers a wide range of opportunities to increase economic development in areas where resources are limited. Participants will discover how to facilitate increased employability, create business teams to provide wrap-around services, micro-lending, capital investments, and more.


Skill Development

Skill Development was created for individuals that have completed the Transitional Dialogue and/or Deeper Dialogue course and want more opportunity to practice skills learned. Topic can include:

  • Creating better questions

  • Reframing negative statements

  • Creating neutral questions

  • Identifying positions and interests

  • Transitioning from positions to interests

This is a six-week independent self-paced learning module.

Upon registering, participants will be assigned one or two partners to work with via phone, online video calls or in person if available.

Each week partners will receive and email with challenging assignments to practice skills learned during the initial course or courses.

Partners will work together to complete assignments. Each week partners will assess strengths and areas for continued growth in each other.





Wholistic community development

4 Hours


Special ticket price for members of c3 Victory Church - $15

Wholistic community development is a collaborative, creative process which cultivates the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and environmental conditions needed for the entire community to thrive. This 4-hour workshop will explore the question, "How do we view the community we are engaging? Is the community a problem to solve or a positive community to be journeyed with?" 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Christian Community Development

  • Socio-economic class structures and rules

  • Asset-based Community Development (ABCD)

  • Participatory Approach

  • Innovative models for community transformation

  • Process to effectively engage with our neighbors 

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