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Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a three-day journey taking participants into a deeper understanding of peacemaking, reconciliation, healing, and wholeness. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate as a Circle Facilitator. The content of this retreat combines the 2-day course of Transformative Dialogue and the 2-day course of Deeper Dialogue into an intensive three-day retreat. More information about both are on the Courses page. Participants will experience in-depth learning, practical application with ample time to practice, as well as, personal time of contemplative prayer are reflective walking.

Transformative Dialogue is our most popular training. This unique two-day training is about communication processes that combine restorative justice principles, mediation practices, and community development concepts. Individuals learn to effectively address reconciliation and restoration to build healthier neighborhoods and communities.

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Transformative Dialogue

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Advanced Dialogue Facilitation

This is a two-day advanced course builds on principles learned in Transformative Dialogue. Participants will learn to address a variety of conflicts and complex issues.

This two-day training introduces participants to Restorative Justice Circles. In Circle, we share ideas and issues that matter to us. We can sit together and face even the most difficult or painful experiences in a way that allows our better selves to emerge. Circles are used to impact families, students, the workplace, activists, organizers, government, community members, the faith community, people celebrating or in crisis, and more.


BAsic Restorative Justice Circles


Advanced Circle Training

This two-day training builds on concepts learned in Basic Circle Training. Participants will learn how to facilitate more complex issues and conflicts. This course will empower leaders to address a variety of conflicts and complex issues.

Skill Development is a six-week self-study course created for individuals that have completed the Transitional Dialogue, Advanced Dialogue Facilitation, and/or Restorative Justice Circles course and want more opportunity to practice skills learned. This is a six-week independent self-paced course done with partners.


Skill development

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Wholistic Community development

This 4-hour workshop will explore the question, "How do we view the community we are engaging? Is the community a problem to solve or a positive community to be journeyed with?" Wholistic community development is a collaborative, creative process which cultivates the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and environmental conditions needed for the entire community to thrive.