Wholistic community development is a collaborative, creative process which cultivates the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and environmental conditions needed for the entire community to thrive. This 4-hour workshop will explore the question, "How do we view the community we are engaging? Is the community a problem to solve or a positive community to be journeyed with?" 


Wholistic community development

4-hour course

Cost - $25

participant limit - unlimited

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Topics covered:

  • Socio-economic class structures and rules

  • Asset-based Community Development (ABCD)

  • Participatory Approach

  • Innovative models for community transformation

Impact your community by creating a social enterprise that increases employability and job creation.

In this course, participants will learn how to create a multi-faceted social enterprise model that covers a wide range of opportunities to increase economic development in areas where resources are limited. Participants will discover how to facilitate increased employability, create business teams to provide wrap-around services, micro-lending, capital investments, and more.



16-hour course

Cost - $3,000

participant limit - unlimited

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