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Catalytic Change Initiative

Combining all the courses in this package provides $2,000 in savings.

COST - $8,000          PARTICIPANT LIMIT - 20

This initiative was created to identify, train, and equip up to twenty community leaders by addressing the two most significant needs in community transformation --Interpersonal Cross-cultural Communication (including conflict resolution) & Economic Justice.


The Catalytic Change approach is a series of courses, self-paced instruction, and group structure to create opportunities to mobilize efforts that will impact communities. Using Catalytic Change approaches, impact increases significantly and much more rapidly. This approach combines the essential courses offered by Quantum Circles.


Participants progress through the four courses at a flexible pace.These leaders are equipped to lead others in their churches or organizations, creating opportunities for significant transformation. Leaders focus on individual gifting and passions within a group context that exponentially increases both material and intellectual resources for all members. 

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